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Welcome to our site

Eesco Pump & Valve, Inc. is a service and machine shop that was established in 1976. We have a stable work force with an average of nineteen employees to service your needs. Thirteen of these employees are dedicated to service and repair efforts. We also have 2 sales/estimators and 4 office staff to take care of estimates and project management. It is our commitment to value and service that has made Eesco the center for quality repair.

Our trained team is knowledgeable about repairs and rebuilding of high speed rotating equipment. With many years of hands-on experience, our technicians are the best in the field. You can depend on Eesco to keep your pumps, motors, and other equipment running like new.

Eesco has a diversified clientele consisting of industrial, marine, commercial, institutional, municipal, and Federal Government customers. Most of our customers are within commuting distance from our shop. Geographically, we cover the state of Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Eesco is a member of the Electric Apparatus Service Association, and as such, all of our electric motor repairs are performed in accordance with EASA standards. Eesco’s electric motor shop has a stator rewind capability of up to 300 HP for standard motors, and submersible pump motors. General service is available to motors above 300 HP, depending upon the frame and configuration. Eesco is also an authorized service and warranty center for ABS Pumps, Marathon Electric Motor, and Franklin Electric Motor. Eesco is a distributor for Baldor Electric, A.O.Smith and General Electric motors.